Tools To Grow Your Mind, Character, & Confidence.

Continuing education of the ancient mysteries of Freemasonry for the man who wishes a greater understanding of his world by developing his own respectable character.

I want to be A…

A Better Man


Learn Social Virtues

The Right Plan Changes Your Outcome.​

Your being a Mason does not have to just mean going to an occasional meeting. There is so much more to learn. So many ways to contribute the better you to your family, community, and all who know you. You can become the man you always wanted to be and allow others to admire your upstanding presence.

Insights to elevate your personal attitude, confidence, and unlock your potential.

To expand the knowledge of Masonry by the study of history and the examination of proven examples of success..

Study of historical accomplishments combined with present social skills can elevate your future in great ways.

Is your perception accurate? Do others think what you do? Has your practices interfered with achieving your goals?. Can you perceive yourself better than you are today? Do you want to?

You must already be a Master Mason in good standing.

Find Out Where You Need to Start

No pressure. No contracts. No purchase necessary. Just ask your questions and get honest, direct answers. Email, telephone, personal visit, text, just about any form of communication is available to find out what you want to know.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Okay, so what is the Scottish part? Are kilts required? Are there bagpipes? None of the above, during the 17th century, when the British Isles were torn by strife, many Scots fled to France and resumed their Masonic pursuits. This influence may have contributed to the use of the word “Scottish.” Records from the 18th century show activity of the Rite in Bordeaux, France


We have a unique method of teaching by the presentation of theatrical plays.


We contribute to our community on many levels. We endorse partnerships with others that do so.


We are all part of the brotherhood of man. We actively practice brotherly love.

What People are Saying

Since 1925 men have been Scottish Rite Masons in Roseburg. Many have benefited through our scholarships and speak of generations of appreciation of our organization.

Life Ensurance!

Quality of life begins with yourself. Gain the tools that help you ensure you get the quality you deserve.